Investment Real Estate Associates (“IREA”) is a national investment real estate advisory and brokerage firm in Los Angeles. IREA has a unique, client-focused business model that has driven its success for almost 20 years. IREA management has overseen the successful sale and closing of more than 18 thousand apartment units, over 12 million square feet of office and retail centers and continues to set records for the Southern California real estate industry.

Raffi D. Krikorian (1949-2016)

Raffi Krikorian founded IREA in 1999 and approximately $7.3 billion dollars of investment property was sold under his initiative. Through his unparalleled passion and expertise, he built IREA on bedrock principles including trusting partnerships with clients, maximizing value for each transaction, and matching clients with personalized investment options. Mr. Krikorian carefully selected a loyal team of investment advisors who continue to carry on his culture of dedication and integrity. Today, IREA is led by Chris Thompson, Clark Everitt, William Everitt, Yubin Tao, David Leibowitz and Jonathan Krikorian. Together they carry on Mr. Krikorian’s legacy and oversee the firm’s investment strategies, financial services and strong client relationships.


Raffi D. Krikorian

Raffi D. Krikorian

President & CEO


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Why Choose IREA?

  • 100% of the Firm’s resources are applied to selling investment real estate. IREA is not involved in leasing or management of properties.
  • Comprehensive analysis of every client’s property.
  • Comprehensive market evaluation utilizing industry’s state-of-the-art analytical tools.
  • Knowledge of and access to prevailing capital markets in the assessment of a property’s best financing alternatives.
  • A unique marketing system, the core of which is the short-listing of a critical mass of buyers to match the listed property with. Among many other approaches, the Firm utilizes a direct marketing system targeting active buyers.
  • Unlike large national companies, IREA is a privately held firm with Raffi Krikorian, its principal shareholder. This provides a client easy and instantaneous access to the Firm’s senior management, expediting decisions relating to marketing and other related issues. IREA’s culture is governed by one overriding concern: Client Focus.